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Perisher is Australia’s most popular snow holiday destination. Located in the picturesque Kosciuszko National Park in South Eastern NSW, its vast expanse makes it the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest alpine resort.

The need for Perisher was simple.  Find a Data Service Provider that can improve the links between its main operation centre located in Perisher Valley and their offsite offices located 37Km away at the bottom of the mountain in Jindabyne.

Due to their location, data services for Perisher was limited to consumer grade ADSL 1 links to service the Station (a 1300+ bed base hotel, 3 Restaurants, Bar as well as a call centre staffed by 30 persons) located just outside the township of Jindabyne as well as their Ticket and Guest Services office and Staff Accommodation office located in Jindabyne.  Due to the nature of ADSL and as the population grew during the winter months with seasonal workers moving into town, the latency on these services was greatly impeded.  At certain times during the day and evening, the link was so degraded that link would become unusable.  This created issues for staff serving guests out of these locations with no access to Perisher’s Data.

Perisher looked at many alternatives, both wireless and physical with different telecommunication providers.  However most were either too cost prohibitive or the service was not able to be provided at both ends to create a manageable point to point link.

Countrytell proposed a wireless solution utilising both Microwave and WiMAX technologies that were both cost effective and would greatly improve the latency across Perisher’s  multiple links.  The proposed plan was for Countrytell to provide a Private MPLS service that consisted of a 10Mb link connecting Perisher Valley to the Station, a 4Mb link connecting Perisher Valley to Jindabyne Ticket Office and a 1Mb link connecting both the Jindabyne Staff Accommodation office and a Hire shop at the Jindabyne Sport and Rec Centre.   Further to this, Countrytell was also proposing to replace Perisher’s existing ADSL Internet link with a 10Mb full duplex unlimited download service.

Perisher would be the first Countrytell customer to operate this equipment in the very trying conditions of blizzards, ice, wind gusts over 120kmph + and sub-zero temperatures.  Whilst this equipment had been proven in other countries that experienced similar conditions, Australian conditions always seem to be more aggressive, so there was still a small risk that the links would not deliver Perisher the service they were for so long in desperate need of.

The installation of the equipment was performed professionally by Countrytell and most importantly on time.  The working relationship between Perisher and Countrytell was excellent with everything communicated well along every step of the way.  When the installation process was struck with an obstacle, both parties were able to quickly and effectively come up with alternate solutions to keep the project on track.  The service went live in May 2013 just before the Ski Season was to commence.  Within the first week of operation the link faced its first real test with a snow blizzard in Perisher Valley.  The link remained operational without any effect to latency and throughput.  It was a success!  The new link has greatly improved the working conditions for staff operating from the Station and the Jindabyne offices.  What was taking several minutes to process a guest transaction and often timing out, was now being done in seconds.  The service that Countrytell had proposed for Perisher had been delivered successfully.

Countrytell’s continues to provide Perisher exceptional service and support for their links and both parties continue to look at new avenues to provide Perisher as well as the surrounding areas new solutions to enhance Perisher offerings for their guests.

Michael Fanning | IT Manager | Perisher.

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