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High speed broadband in Dalgety

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Countrytell representatives will be at the Dalgety Show on Sunday 3 March, 2013 to talk to locals about the new high speed broadband that’s now available in their town.

Lynda Summers, CEO of Countrytell is looking forward to the visit.  “There is nothing quite like a country show to demonstrate the get up and go of a community.  Dalgety has had it tough with poor connectivity for years – as a social enterprise, looking after towns like Dalgety is what Countrytell is all about” she said.

The high speed wireless broadband service at Dalgety is in its final stages of testing.  “We will be at the Dalgety show to talk to locals about what services are available and where.  People are keen to know if their place will get coverage,” she said.

The wireless broadband at Dalgety is being delivered by Countrytell as part of the NSW Community Broadband Development program.

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