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High speed wireless broadband in Snowy River

By Snowy River Echo

Thanks to Countrytell and Snowy River Shire Council, our shire will be receiving a great new Wi-Fi system delivering fast internet/download speeds to local residents and businesses.

Countrytell ‘Let’s Connect’ CEO, Lynda Summers says they are delivering on behalf of the NSW Broadband Development Program, designed to provide high capacity, high speed broadband to small communities that don’t have competitive services for home use and economic development.

Countrytell technicians have been busily putting up towers and installing equipment on existing towers all over Snowy Shire with the Council as this service’s anchor tenant/client, enabling access for the rest of the community.

Lynda says services will be rolled out in Adaminaby, Berridale, Jindabyne and Dalgety as well as parts of Cooma.

Customers will be able to access high capacity, high speed wireless broadband as well as the full suite of managed services for businesses.

Businesses often need to move large files securely and quickly and Lynda says that the ‘legacy infrastructure’ in the Snowy Mountains doesn’t have the capacity to deliver that type of service.

“This new infrastructure will upgrade that capacity considerably to the extent that the Snowy Local Government Area will have services that are as good as, if not better than the best of metropolitan areas”, Lynda said.

For example, the immediate township of Dalgety will receive a Wimax Wi-Fi nomadic system covering a 10km to 15km radius and although it will not provide mobile phone coverage, people with computers, smart phones, laptops and tablets will be able to communicate by using the free download application ‘Skype’, along with receiving ultra-fast internet speeds.

“I think this will be very useful to the good citizens of Dalgety who have waited a long time to be connected with the rest of the world”, Lynda said. And as an added tourism bonus, visitors to Dalgety will get the first hour of their Wi-Fi service free.

Lynda says that all of the service plans that will be released in the area will be ‘uncapped’ with unlimited downloads so you won’t have to worry about how much you are downloading, avoiding what she calls ‘bill shock’.

The likely coverage areas will be outlined on the Countrytell website and when the system is up and running in December and early new-year, people will be able to subscribe online at www.countrytell.com.au.

With better than 99% reliability, Lynda says that the service will be a significant enabler for people to do business in the smaller villages; and international research shows that it can lead to a 3% increase in economic development, during the first year.

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